“Never underestimate the power of a good food. Eating delicious food can be a life changing experience.” In nutrition the diet is a sum of food consumed by a person or any other organism. The diet implies the use of specific intake of nutrition for health and weight management reasons. The balanced diet consists of fruits, vegetables, grains, pulses, dairy products, and protein. If one talks about proper balanced diet, it would consist of atleast 400g of vegetable and fruits.  You can also download the Indian diet plan for weight loss in one month pdf from the link given at the page.

                   “When once an Indian sees that his food is secure,he does not care what the shef or anyone says.” As we all know that Indian food is rich in nutrition and have a high calorific value which creates a problem from fitness prospective. In India people are lethargy which creates a problem because they intake heavy diet with zero hardwork. So nowadays the top trending search on google was-“Indian diet plan for weight loss in a month”. The World Health Organisation(WHO) has decided a certain criteria for the balanced diet that a diet must consist of green leafy vegetable, pulses, salad, dairy product with low fat and chapati. For loosing weight one must follow proper diet of 3 times:-

*breakfast-porridge with sliced mango

*Lunch-vegetable soup with coarse grain chapati

*Dinner-veg/non-veg curry with multi grain chapati

                        “Fitness is like a marriage, you can’t cheat on it and expect to work”. This statement showers a light over the fitness. Nowadays its trending in females to loose the weight as by loosing weight they look slim and smart.On the other hand few females feel weary due to heavy weight and the reason behind is their irregular diet that in unbalanced. A vast group of women are facing the situation of anxiety and depression because they lack in getting proper information about-Indian diet chart for weight loss for women.They feel very embarresed while  meeting with people.And as we all know female should be strong as they are considered to be the backbone of the family. For weight loss they must follow the diet which is prescribed. Diet chart should include:-

*Half glass of lemon water

*fruits and 8-12 glasses of water

*green leafy vegetable

*Eat last meal at 6 pm

                           “When once an Indian sees that his food is secure, he does not care what the chef or anyone says”. As we all know India is known for its fooding style,in the past few years people were not giving keen attention towards the balanced diet. But now due to lethargy people are facing problems of high cholestrol, high isulin level  etc. But now  you could hear from everyones mouth gobally that Indian diet plan for weight loss is the most effective weapon for healthy life. It mainly consist of :

*Breakfast must be heavy and wholesome

*Lunch must include pulses and salad

*Dinner must be light and 2 hours before going to bed

*Proper liquid intake should be there.

                          “it is not a short term diet, it is a long term lifestyle change”. The best example i have ever heard about diet plan for weight loss is nothing else than Keto Diet Plan for weight loss”. Keto diet plan is basically a diet that consist of low carbohydrate, high fat diet. It is very essential as it is very beneficial for appetite suppression,better sugar control. It is also very helpful for the one who want to loose weight in less tym as it  reduces weight from 0.4 gram to 5 kg.

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